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New Track from Paul Michel

Hailing from D.C., Paul Michel paid his dues as a team player in bands like the Out_Circuit and the Hard Tomorrows before taking his singer/songwriter act solo. His second LP, Quiet State of Panic, runs the gamut from introspective whispers to earnest falsettos a la Jeff Buckley, and it boasts both up-tempo electric riffs and swaying electronic backbeats. “Wait (Through Her Eyes),” the catchiest tracks on the album, has a bouncy Brit-pop breeze, and Michel revealed to he wasn’t even planning on including it on the album.

“I don’t tend to write poppy things like this, but I had this kind of high melody over these really happy chords that kept running through my head,” Michel said. “The melody was so persistent that I decided to record it on a lark one day. I put these Smiths-like guitar lines over the top and this bouncy bass and drum line underneath and realized that I really liked the thing, sappy lyrics and all.”

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