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New Editors Due in Spring

Editors frontman Tom Smith explained why his band may be a bit lax in returning phone calls and emails for the next month or so. In a letter printed on, Smith explained that his Birmingham, England-based quartet will be holed up in a studio in Ireland for the next four chilly weeks to record their second full-length album.

Fresh off a tour that ended this past September, the band wasted no time compiling new material, which Smith calls “without doubt the best songs we’ve written.” Two newbies, “Bones” and “The Weight of the World,” are almost done, and Smith said he would “be very surprised if they don’t make the cut when we’re picking the record next year.” The album is expected to be out as early as spring of 2007. Smith offered some potential song titles for fans to salivate over, among them “Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors” and “The Racing Rats.” He also mentioned that the boys in the band are currently getting their minds blown by Joanna Newsom’s Ys.

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