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My Chemical Spree?

Perhaps tired of the figure-hiding robes they’ve become known for, Polyphonic Spree have ditched the gowns and opted instead to don My Chemical Romance-esque black combat gear. The new outfits feature white hearts, red crosses, and arm badges that read “The Fragile Army,” which is the title of their forthcoming album, due out sometime next year, a spokesperson for the collective confirmed to

“The image of the ‘old robe look’ is actually us in the robes…we refer to it as our ‘badge of strength,'” Polyphonic head Tim DeLaughter told Gigwise. Of the new outfits, DeLaughter said: “The heart is a symbol of care and thoughtfulness. The cross represents first aid…all these as humans, we’re capable of. It’s just a reminder. We are the Fragile Army.”

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