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Lily Allen: New Face of Chanel?

In a move that feels entirely more inspired by lager than Lagerfeld, diminutive British singer Lily Allen might be tapped as Chanel’s hot new face for 2007, the Sun‘s Bizarre column reports. The chart-topping Allen, who recently made her U.S. debut (read more), has flown to Paris to meet with Chanel chief Karl Lagerfeld, who, according to a source quoted in Bizarre, thinks Allen’s half-chav, half-couture aesthetic might be the breakout look for 2007. At the very least, Allen left Chanel HQ with a fistful of the label’s dresses, which she’s been wearing onstage of late. No word if Lagerfeld is eyeing Vicky Pollard (read more) as a backup plan if Allen isn’t anointed.

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