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Lady Sovereign Halts L.A. Show

Lady Sovereign ended her L.A. concert midway through her set Thursday (Nov. 16) night in tears. Sov has been on tour promoting her new album, Public Warning, which recently hit No. 48 on the charts, and was suffering from a severe chest infection when she took the stage at the El Rey Theatre, Pitchfork initially reported. “Unfortunately at this great and busy time for the Sovereign, she has been struck by a chest infection,” a post on her website reads. “This led to a tired show in San Francisco on Tuesday night and her having to cancel the show halfway through her set in L.A. last night. The pain was unbearable and reduced her to tears.”

Following doctor’s orders, Lady Sov will take 48 hours to rest before her concert in Las Vegas tomorrow night. She also plans on rescheduling the L.A. gig.

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