Katamine’s ‘Lag’ Conjures Echoes of Elliott

If you’ve ever spent any time wondering what the Israeli answer to the late Elliott Smith might be, wonder no more: One listen to Katamine’s haunting sophomore effort, Lag, will send you straight into Either/Or reveries. In fact, the group is headed by singer/songwriter Assaf Tager, who once played guitar for Smith. Katamine (not to be confused with the drug Ketamine) is a collaborative acoustic project of rotating artists, each adding their spin to Tager’s compositions.

Lag paired the group with famed Israeli producer Uri Frost, and the polished melancholy of the final product has been embraced by another noted producer Wharton Tiers. Tiers recently asked the group to record in New York City. While fans await Katamine’s new disc, Israel’s Tinstar Creative Pool label partnered with a renowned Israeli art foundation to release Lag in the U.S. as part of an effort to bring awareness of their native art and culture to other countries. And a fine ambassador it is.

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