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¡Forward Russia! March Through NYC

The Bowery Ballroom was full of sweat, beer, and exclamations points when Leeds quartet ¡Forward Russia! steamrolled through their set last night. “I’ve heard that dancing in New York City isn’t illegal anymore, so go ahead!” exclaimed guitarist Whiskas when his band took the stage. Heeding his call, the crowd pogoed to the group’s high-octane dance-punk with as much gusto as frontman Tom Woodhead, who tangled himself in his mic’s cord. Unafraid to flail around and jump offstage, Woodhead railed through the tracks off Give Me a Wall, his presence delightfully spastic and his tenor extra vein popping. LAURA MARCUS / PHOTOS BY MITCHELL FRYE

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We asked: Since ¡Forward Russia!’s from Leeds, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of England? COMMENT