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Human Taco, Banana Attack Matt and Kim

Watch the video for "Yea Yeah" and revisit the lunchroom days of your youth.

Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim live together, play together, and take a serious beating together. Reinventing the childhood dream of life erupting into an impromptu food fight in their new video, they welcome flying food with a smile and continue to play along to the snappy tune even as their stark white surroundings are turned into a grade school teacher’s nightmare. Once the ammo is all used up, the couple are attacked by life-sized food items, like the human taco that destroys their instruments and pummels them to the ground.

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Here’s what the people are saying:

“That just redefined fun.” — fernloft,

“Dear lord was that ever cute!!” — laura,

“That’s the second video for this song, right? I seem to remember a similarly energetic video that involved disembodied limbs instead of food throwing…” — Pete,

“It looks like these two really enjoyed making this video. And the singer sounds like Robert Smith, which is always a plus.” — sugarjar,

“Can people stop encouraging these hipsters in Brooklyn to make shitty bands? I would throw food at them if I went to see them, but I’d be depriving a family who actually need it.” — Ace,

“WHY ARE THEY SO FUCKING HAPPY?” — bloodofthedrash,

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