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The Hold Steady Usher in Thanksgiving

It was the night before Thanksgiving, but judging from the smile boasted by the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn, it might as well have been Christmas morning. Despite, or perhaps thanks to, the bottle of Jameson that he and his bandmates were sharing onstage, they all seemed to have a blast as they ran through crowd favorites like “Cattle and Creeping Things” and tracks off their new album, Boys and Girls in America. “Southtown Girls” and “You Can Make Him Like You” found the already excited crowd pumping fists into the air and even stage diving. As for the band, Finn delivered his trademark storytelling singing while keyboardist Franz Nicolay broke out his accordion and Tad Kubler played guitar behind his head, giving thanks to the sold-out audience with, “This is the time of our lives.” ADAM RATHE / PHOTOS BY ERIC NOWELS

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