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Hell’s Belles Ring in AC/DC

While most die-hards would recognize the difference between AC/DC’s Bon Scott and the singer who replaced him, Brian Johnson, it was harder to spot discrepancies between Om Johari and Jamie Nova at Boulder, CO’s Fox Theatre Friday night. Johari is the charismatic founding member of the all-female AC/DC cover band, Hell’s Belles, who was replaced recently by Nova after deciding to pursue other avenues in music. Nova channeled Johari’s animal magnetism, complete with primal screams, while her cohort, Adrian Conner, strut onstage in a schoolgirl uniform, nodding and snarling while windmilling her blond dreads. Along with bassist Mandy Reed, guitarist Lisa Brisbois, and drummer Melodie Zapata, the band blistered through crotch-grabbing numbers like “Thunderstruck,” “Got You By the Balls,” “Let Me Put My Love into You,” and, finally, “Let There Be Rock.” BRIAN KENNEY / PHOTOS BY SOREN MCCARTY

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