Futureheads Dropped from U.K. Label

After releasing just two records — 2004’s self-titled debut and this year’s News and Tributes — the Futureheads have been dropped from their U.K. label, 679 Recordings, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group. “It didn’t really come as a surprise to me,” lead singer Barry Hyde told SPIN.com, but Hyde isn’t loosing any sleep over the news. “It doesn’t really affect us at all. To a lot of bands getting dropped is a really bad thing [but] we’re not going to split up, We’ll still write the same songs and worry about the business aspect later.”

Hyde said being released from 679 Recordings will not affect the band’s Stateside label status on StarTime International. As for finding a new record deal in the U.K., Hyde revealed that there are already people “interested” in them. “We’re still a band that people like and already have fans,” the singer said. “[We’ll] look for people who pay attention to the big changes going on within the music industry, and, first and foremost, people who like our music and what we’ve done so far.”

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