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First Two Green Day Albums Get Reissue Treatment this Winter

Green Day’s first two albums, originally released via Lookout! andreissued by the same label in 2004, will be reissued by Reprise Dec.19. 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (1991) will feature extracontent originally included in the Lookout! 2004 reissue, such as 20minutes of live performances from 1990-91, Billie Joe Armstrong’shandwritten lyrics, show flyers, and a 1991 radio interview, accordingto Billboard. Kerplunk (1992) will not have any bonus material.

InAugust 2005, Green Day caused a bit of a commotion amongst fans andtheir former label, Lookout!, when they opted to sever ties with thepunk label, alleging breach of contract for late or unpaid royalties.

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