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Fall Out Boy Want It That Way?

Goodnight, Mesa!

As Fall Out Boy fans enter the band’s site looking for information on their upcoming album, Infinity on High (out Feb. 6), they’ll be greeted instead with a cheeky video clip of bassist Pete Wentz chatting on the phone with Rob Stevenson, the VP of A&R at Island Def Jam who signed the band before they blew up with 2005’s From Under the Cork Tree.

Choice exchange:
Wentz: “Put on your glasses. I have a fucking vision.”
Stevenson: “My glasses are on, and honestly, what I’m seeing is a trainwreck.”

“This whole pop-punk thing is just kind of over, you know, it’s stale,” Pete continues. “We’re watching this R&B stuff. You know they sell records…Listen Rob. Two words. No, three words: Ba-by Face.” When their conversation ends, Fall Out Boy’s new image is unveiled, something that will definitely leave fans asking, “Tell me why-yee?”

Fall Out Boy Get ‘High’ in ’07 (Web Archive)

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