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EMI Strikes Online Video Deal — And It’s Not With YouTube

EMI, whose labels put out records by such Spin mainstays as Coldplay, Gorillaz, the Decemberists, Liz Phair, and many more, signed a deal to distribute its videos to consumers for free via, the two companies announced today. “Gotuit offers viewers an exciting and high-quality way to enjoy our artists’ videos,” said David Munns, EMI’s North American CEO. “They’re a valuable new channel for fans to connect with our artists’ music and creative vision.”

In signing with Gotuit, EMI distanced itself from fellow majors Universal Music Group and Warner Bros., both of whom signed deals with YouTube in recent weeks. In terms of functionality, both services are rather similar, with easy to use, Flash-based video players, but Gotuit has two main differences: First, its videos cannot be embedded in third-party web pages as YouTube’s can, and second, Gotuit is very much involved with expanding its reach into the TV-based video-on-demand services offered by cable and satellite providers nationwide.

Talk: Does this sound like a good move for EMI, or are you sad now that you won’t be able to embed that tearjerker video for Coldplay’s “The Scientist” on your blog? COMMENT

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