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Duet To Me One More Time

Stage fright used to be a kind of Darwinian “survival of the fittest” (or at least drunkest) measure when it came to karaoke, but it seems the online karaoke site, SingShot, is attempting to democratize humiliation and give it to you from the privacy of your own home.

SingShot launched earlier this year, but only recently began offering its features for free. Set up as a kind of social networking site (often called “the YouTube of karaoke”), you can record your own renditions of songs and rate the song stylings of other users. Some blog platforms like LiveJournal have even engineered methods allowing posters to imbed the SingShot tracks they record to their personal pages.

Aside from those longing to bask in schadenfreude, SingShot has also attracted people who want to improve their singing skills and could become another way for performers to develop MySpace-like minions. Now, if only Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow were still “cruising together.”

Here’s what people are saying:

“Some of it is good, but who really likes good karaoke? Not me.” — Ian!,

“That’s gotta be the creepiest thing online right now. It’s even creepier than that guy who ruptured his anus and died as a result of fornicating with a horse.” — Troels Pleimert,

“This site would be 1000% better if it served alcohol.” — bethany,

“Okay, this web-site is beyond painful, yet, I can’t seem to turn away…I hate the old Train Wreck analogy, but it just seems to fit.” — mjamms,

“If Simon Cowell thinks he’s heard the worst, he obviously hasn’t looked here yet.” — skip,

“Not only did LJ figure out a way to let us embed files from SingShot into our journals just like you would a YouTube video, but I also just discovered SingShot went to free usage…The quality in my singing journal is going to improve exponentially, as soon as I get my voice back. DAMN, that’s awesome!”– brightspot,

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