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Democrats Make Gains in Midterm Elections

Judging by the midterm election results, yesterday’s vote made it clear the country is ready for a change. After a bitter campaign, the Democrats easily recaptured the House, and while ballots are still being counted to determine if they won control of the Senate, some artists are already rejoicing over what they consider good news. Politically-loquacious Moby wrote in his online journal, “So the Democrats have won a majority…good work everybody. It’s especially impressive because the Republicans outspent the Democrats by over $100,000,000.00. I find it incredibly encouraging that America seems to be freeing itself from the stranglehold of right-wing republican ineptitude and corruption.”

We asked bands to weigh in on the results, and some offered responses that were as impassioned as those of Moby, others joked, and others still seemed confident yet hesitant.

Here’s what the artists are saying:

“The Democrats may have scored a victory, but in light of how incredibly, insanely corrupt and immoral the Republican congress and administration have been it can hardly feel like a triumph of liberalism. How much worse could it have gotten? Before we congratulate ourselves on the ‘turning of the tide’ we should remember how far the Democrats have fallen from their core ideas, how distant we are from an era, not so long ago, when ‘Liberal’ was a badge of honor. Yes, let’s rejoice that we’re not being governed EXCLUSIVELY by the Nationalist Christian Front, but it’s a long way still to go before our Congress, and our national character, are not characterized by xenophobia, avarice, ignorance and fear. I’m a patriotic American, and I’m furious that the true American values of tolerance, free exchange of ideas, pluralism, and equality before the law were so passively abandoned by the Democrats in their obsequious toadying to the men in power. The balance may have shifted slightly, but we’re still a long way from an America I’d be proud of. — John Roderick, The Long Winters

“We played a show last night and watched the elections come in in the hotel. We realized the Dems had taken the house and all I kept thinking was ‘in your face!’ It was really satisfying. Not that I’m a big fan of the dems, but comparatively speaking I am. And it was the first time I felt a small glimmer of social and political hope in six years. I was also incredibly excited that [Rick] Santorum from Pennsylvania got the boot, because he’s a fervent homophobic bigot. It was an incredible relief to see that people outside of San Francisco and New York realize that.” — Jamie Stewart, Xiu Xiu

“It’s great the Democrats took the House and may take the Senate, but it will be interesting to see what real change will take place. Hopefully this isn’t just a vote against Bush, but a real change for the better for our domestic and foreign policy.” — Zach Rogue, Rogue Wave

“Despite my cousin losing in 2004, he and his crew are finally back in power. Thank God.” — Ed Droste (whose cousin is John Kerry), Grizzly Bear

“Watching the election results at a bar in Missouri was like watching the World Series a couple weeks ago…you know, cheering for rich people who are probably jerks. But at least our state has more stem cells now.” — Philip Dickey, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

“We’re disappointed…just kidding. We’re really happy this happened. I think it’s about time and we were all worried it wasn’t going to go this way — I was convinced despite the prediction it would somehow go the other way, especially after watching Hacking Democracy on HBO. It’s a good day for America.” — Patrick Ramos, +/- {Plus/Minus}

“We were happy with Dems winning the House, but I’m a little upset it wasn’t a more a clear cut victory. The senate is still undecided, and given the track record of this administration, the fact that we’re sill trying to decide is a little frustrating.” — Chris Deaner, +/- {Plus/Minus}

“After this election, George Bush can spend more time concentrating on his day job — being a stand-up comedian — and let the Democrats run the country like the smart people that they are.” — Max Hellmann, Controlling the Famous

“This country has had its head up it’s own ass for the past 6 years. Now begins the painful extraction. It’ll be tough to get it out with that cowboy hat on.” — Dirty on Purpose

“A flicker of light at the end of a grim tunnel.” — Andrew Clark, Monsters Are Waiting

I feel an extraordinary sense of relief, coupled with an intense desire to suppress the joy coursing through my soul. The jackboots still press upon our necks, and the welts we’ve received — as Americans, as global citizens — are still blood-red, swollen. Taking control of the House was essential, but we have decades of damage control ahead of us. The wretched slog has just begun. It’s too early to howl, but inside, quietly, such happiness! This much I will share: We can’t be rid of these neocon vermin quickly enough.

My son is assigned to an infantry unit near Ramadi, near the Syrian border. The ironies are nearly unfathomable… Bring everyone home, now. — Tom Smith, To Live and Shave in L.A.

“Our long national nightmare is not entirely over…but these midterm elections are a much needed trip to the bathroom.” — Shai, Son of Eli, Capitol Years

“Maybe there’s hope for the future after all. 2007 will be a politically entertaining year. Who knows what it will bring: Investigations, impeachments, withdrawals. Bush said, ‘We took a thumpin” last night. That’s right cowboy, you sure did.” — Billy Downing, Human Television

“Yesterday America rejected the GOP and it’s mishandling of the so-called ‘War on Terror.’ We stood up to a White House and Congress who, in defiance of the Constitution, taps the phones and reads the emails of American citizens. The GOP claims the moral high ground, but scandal after scandal shows that they can’t keep themselves out of the mud. Through voting, young people can steer this country away from the dogma-based homophobia that continues to infect our law books and public consciousness, away from the impending marriage of corporate and public interests (this is fascism according to Mussolini’s own definition). We came to the polls and voted, and we won. In two years we will do the same.” — Jake Snider, Minus The Bear

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