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Courtney Love: Mel Gibson Helped Me Get Sober

No, it’s not a joke: Courtney Love has told Diane Sawyer that embattled actor Mel Gibson helped her get sober. Love said Gibson, who has infamously come under fire as of late for drunken anti-Semitic remarks, showed up to her Beverly Hills hotel room where she was doing drugs with a group of men, according to the AP. “Mel kept coming to the door with this cheesy grin going, ‘Hi!’,” Love said. “I just kept looking at him and going…’Blank off!’…I know him and he’s a nice guy. It didn’t matter who it was. It could have been Jesus. I didn’t care.” The singer said Gibson left with the men to “have a cheeseburger,” while an addiction counselor, whom he had brought along with him, talked to Love about getting help.

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