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Controlling the Famous Enter ‘Star Wars’ Forest

Los Angeles’ Controlling the Famous, a chiming post-rock quartet, employ a sunny mid-’90s aesthetic in the video for “If You Die” off their debut full-length, Automatic City. A montage of psychadelic, kaleidoscopic frames opens the clip to present each band member as a pseudo-superhero, not necessarily the type of video you’d imagine from a band tackling big questions about the afterlife (“If you die, what would you come back as?” frontman Max Hellmann asks). But Controlling the Famous aren’t about, as Hellman put it to, “taking everything so damn seriously.” To prove it, they filmed the clip “in one alcohol-fueled day and night in a house in Northern California, which was located in the Ewok forest from Star Wars.” Somewhere, George Lucas might be smiling, happy to know his forests are populated with bands and not just one-meter-tall fuzzy bipeds.

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