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Cobra Starship Make Like Bunnies in New Video

Leave it to Gabe Saporta, the man behind Cobra Starship, to make a bizarrely hilarious video having nothing to do with the subject of his song. He’s confessed to before that he’s a gambling man (read more), so there’s some card playing in the video for “The Church of Hot Addiction,” which boasts an Old West aesthetic with, natch, hot women.

None of this rings suspect, but about three minutes into the video, things take a wacky turn. Saporta catches the eye of a flirty rabbit — yes, a rabbit — and it’s love at first sight. Watch the steamy love making scene (with the bunny), the post-coital frolicking in fields of flowers (with the bunny), and the joyous Jewish wedding (did we mention the bunny?). And in case you thought it impossible, little rabbit children make an appearance at the video’s end.

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Cobra Starship – “The Church of Hot Addiction”

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