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CMJ Loves You Too, Brooklyn!

As any Lower East Side-dwelling Manhattanite can attest, CMJ has officially taken over. But Brooklynites aren’t left out of the fold either, as lots of action is taking place in the outer borough’s Williamsburg ‘hood. Despite a drop in temperature that finally confirmed fall’s seemingly delayed arrival, people outside Northsix swapped stories about bands they’d seen earlier in the week while purchasing empanadas from a local vendor. Inside, they warmed up with folksy acoustic sets from Lavender Diamond and Death Vessel, and then rocked a little louder as Earlimart tested out some brand new material. STORY BY EMILY YOUSSEF / PHOTOS BY ERIC NOWELS

We asked: Since so many CMJ events take place in Manhattan, what’s your favorite Brooklyn venue? COMMENT

Name: Dana Edell Age: 30Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Theater director”Southpaw: They have various wacky bands.”

Name: Ashley Cramer Age: 29Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Biologist”3rd Ward: I’m very excited for White Magic.”

Name: Mark Davis Age: 24Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Promoter”Balanza: There’s no pretension at all.”

Name: James McCuskerAge: 25Hometown: New York, NY Occupation: Filmmaker”Northsix: the artists who are actually causing a commotion are here.”

Name: Jane KimAge: 23Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Publishing”3rd Ward:It’s walking distance from home.”

Name: Joel ThibodeauAge: 31Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Death Vessel”Pete’s Candy Store: it’s probably the first place I played in Brooklyn.”

Name: Katherine SmythAge: 25 Hometown: New York, NY Occupation: Graduate student”Northsix: Death Vessel is a friend of mine.”

Name: Emily WeinsteinAge: 25Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Occupation: Graduate student”Volume: it was great when it was open.”

Name: Max LapoujadeAge: 27Hometown: New York, NY Occupation: IT Consultant “Webster Hall: We just saw Goldfrapp there.” [Ed note: Webster Hall is actually in Manhattan…]

Name: DeepAge: 22Hometown: New York, NYOccupation: Marketing”Irving Plaza: I saw H20 there six months ago.” [Ed note: …so is Irving Plaza.]

The scene outside Northsix