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Brandon Gets Nostalgic

Brandon hasn’t popped up his photo-happy head in a while, but that doesn’t mean he’s not up to his usual antics. Brandon’s still chronicling his adventures in hitting up hot local bars and posh restaurants, and this time he’s even snuck in a moment to check out a cover band. Yep, you read that right, but he swears this cover band is different because it brings out “young lovers.” Is Brandon getting sappy? Hardly — the band also brings out models and other pretty ladies.

Good day, good day! I’ve recently recovered my camera from a tremendous fall, but thanks to the swift repairmen at the Canon headquarters, (gotta give credit where credit is due — they fixed my camera for $15!) I am back in business. Tonight begins during a break from a photo shoot I’m conducting.

The Bowery! Spirits, exotic beers, and very tasty cuisine.

George owns the place. I finish my meal and say goodbye.

Quick stop at the Vine Bar where Rick welcomes me.

Melissa dance-challenges me.

Myles spins the final record for his night, PASH. But this is no swan song — he has a new night starting soon in a secret location. Shhh.

The crowd dances, unfazed. I continue south to Three Clubs into a blur of nostalgia…

…with 80’s archivist and musical anthropologist..

DJ Roky Manson! I hang out for a few songs before heading to Dragonfly to see a cover band. I know! Cover bands are lame, but I keep hearing about this one.

They bring out the young lovers.

Young models.

This girl…

…and these girls.

It’s the Spazmatics and their exhaustive set of every song written during the Cold War decade — all performed with suspicious accuracy.

The band personally thank each girl for coming.

They seem to be extremely supportive of their fans.

But it occurs to me that these guys aren’t really in it for the science.

May the farse be with you! Goodnight Mr. Helmet Guy! It is time for me to go home and tinker with the four-track tape recorder I found at Goodwill this afternoon.

I walk past the local gas station and head home. Until next time!

x brandon