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Brand New Video from the Slow Signal Fade

Plenty of dreamy psychedelia has come out of California, and the Slow Signal Fade’s “TBA” can be included in the camp. The Los Angeles quartet have been building up a following for over three years, playing shows with other indie darlings like Band of Horses, Silversun Pickups, and the Helio Sequence. Their blend of testosterone-laced post-punk and classic rock flourishes meets just the right juxtaposition in frontwoman Marguerite Olivelle’s sweet voice. “As the only girl in the band with three boys, touring wasn’t always the most glamorous of experiences. You’re in the same clothes for days at a time and personal hygiene isn’t top on the tour bus list,” she told

Making the video for the single was a more glamorous affair for Olivelle. “It was a dramatic 180 degree turn to have three or four additional hands primping me,” she revealed. “I think it took me longer to get the make-up off than it normally takes me to do my usual maquillage.”

While the band’s video is hardly primped out, it does achieve an elegant simplicity in combining footage of the streets of L.A. and the rehearsal studio. But the shoot wasn’t without problems. “We had a hard time trying to play to the track,” bassist Chris Walters told us. “It felt strange and forced, so we killed the CD player, turned the amps back up and gave the film crew some earplugs. We played the song five or six times while they filmed and it felt like a rehearsal or loft show…just natural and comfortable in our own little corner of the world. I think [director] Chris Girard did a really nice job conveying that feeling.”

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