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Blood Brothers Kept harD.C.ore Kids Moshing

The Blood Brothers busted out their Young Machetes when, along with …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, they co-headlined the District’s 9:30 Club. With five albums under their belt plus a handful of EPs, you would think at least one of the spazz-core band’s two lead signers — flamboyant Johnny Whitney and pencil-thin Jordan Blilie — would have lost their voice by now. Hardly — the duo wailed on the crowd with an onslaught of ferocious vocal interplay, backed by Cody Votolato’s razor sharp guitar hooks, Mark Gajadhar’s hyperactive drumming, and Morgan Henderson’s thick bass lines and keyboard riffs. The band only let up for a handful of subdued moments, prompting the moshers to raise their lighters and sway before quickly returning to the sweaty fray. CALE CHARNEY / PHOTOS BY JOEL DIDRIKSEN

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