Believe the Truth: Oasis Set to Work on New Album

If Oasis’ Liam Gallagher is telling the truth, the band is set to start working on the follow-up to 2005’s Don’t Believe the Truth this month, on the eve of the release of their best of compilation, Stop the Clocks. “I reckon we’re going to start doing something this month, go to our studio,” Gallagher told Uncut magazine. “It’s the bollocks. Fuckin’ old Tudor ranch in High Wycombe, fucking stay there and get it done. Just got to wait for Noel to finish his tunes I suppose.” Meanwhile, Gallagher adds he is anxious to wrap up Stop the Clocks, which will be the band’s final album for SonyBMG. “I want to get this [album] out of the fucking way, it’s doing my head in,” he told the magazine. “To me, it’s the last of however fucking long, the last 16 years of that label, that’s done. We can start again.”

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Oasis Reveal ‘Best of’ Track List

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