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The Antiques

Who? You know that smell when you first walk into an antique shop? That smell of history and importance and a lifetime of someone else’s memories that all somehow come flooding back to you? That’s what it’s like listening to the Antiques. As their name would suggest, the band’s music is rooted deep in the rich past of folksy, Americana rock’n’roll. Formed from the core members of the now defunct Santa Barbara group Budge, the Antiques feature songwriter Joey Barro on guitar/vocals, Ben Donaldson on bass, Chris Good on drums, and Josh Hertz on lap steel. Now based out of Los Angeles, the group has released two acoustic EPs and Nicknames and Natives, their debut full-length album.

What’s the Deal? Their healthy respect for the past doesn’t mean that the Antiques feel old or stale. In fact, they have an incredible ability to change their sound from song to song. Expect to hear everything from alt-country, Uncle Tupelo-like ballads to unconventional, electric rockers reminiscent of rootsier jam bands like moe. “Crook” offers hints of the Shins, and with country-tinged harmonies and lonesome slide guitars complimenting Barro’s earnest vocals, Nicknames and Natives will get under your skin quickly.

Fun fact: The Antiques even like their video games old school. Singer Joey Barro holds the Ms. Pacman record for Orange County, California, not because he’s been playing since the tender age of three, he claims, but because he was born with divine ability to eat ghosts. ANTHONY D’AMATO

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