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All Hands on the Badwan

Since our initial eyewitness account of the melee that erupted during the Horrors’ Halloween night set at New York City’s Stereo (read more), new gossip and opinions on the scuffle have surfaced in the blogosphere and even on our own message boards. In fact, one poster stepped forward yesterday, claiming, “I was the guy who jumped on stage and clocked [Badwan] cause he kicked my friend in the face (causing a bloody gash and a black eye) when she was tugging on his mic cord.” Identifying himself as “Narsty,” the commenter added, “for a band that fronts an image of anarchy, that dude sure couldn’t take a little rough housing.”

The concertgoer continued to recount his side of the events. “[Badwan] tore down the ceiling decoration and threw it at us. Everything was harmless ’til he lost his sh*t. The worst part about it was his guitar tech was pushing [my friend] away and [Badwan] felt it was his duty to crack her with his uber-cool goth boots.”

While “Narsty” contests some reports on the scene, in all accounts it remains unclear why general mischief escalated into violence. The story has taken wing and has even migrated over the pond, apparently as fodder for London radio programs.

Here’s what the people are saying:

“Seriously, get the word out that this douche bag kicks girls in the face and makes up socially (un)acceptable excuses for why he can dress up like a vampire Joey Ramone clone for a living.” — Narsty,

“Was Faris beaten up in New York? It said on London radio! *snortle*.” — Charlii_Franz,

“Freaking drunk mid-west college kids think they own the city when they come to town for CMJ…” —Anonymous,

“Who kicks girls? Badwan deserved to get in a fight. If you want a re-match, he’s at Galapagos tonight. I’d pay to see that.” —ESK,

“Saw the Horrors, their singer was covering everyone in the crowd in black paint and kicking the front row in the head with his pointy boots. Beats the Shins, innit?” —The Goblin King,

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