Albert Hammond Jr.’s ‘101’ Video

In the video for “101,” the first single from from his solo project, Yours to Keep, Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. heads back to the “101” after being killed in a bicycle crash along the California coastal highway. Director Patrick Daughters (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Futureheads) has the ghost of Albert walking aimlessly around L.A., unable to play with his band in spirit form. After a little detective work and help from the man upstairs, Albert revisits his grave and runs through town as a limb-dropping zombie. The video is freckled with religious iconography, but none of it seems to help poor Albert reconnect with his earthly body.

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Here’s what the fans are saying:

“The video is yet another shining example of why we are all grateful for the work of my boy Patrick Daughters. Here, he shows us that death can actually be quite a cute little conundrum despite its obvious drawbacks…Daughters shows us that sometimes, a video doesn’t have to be a mystery to be good.” —Iopiccolo,

“It’s plaintive and pretty and weird. Good work.” —MM Art Blog,

“It’s more narrative than any Strokes video I’ve ever seen, which I find pretty charming. It’s nice to see the ‘softer,’ more whimsical side of Albert.” —missmodernage,

“I am hoping that it’s intentionally corny. If it isn’t, then…what a corny video.” —Erik,

“Love the video…awesome…can’t wait to see you in Birmingham!!! Hopefully your leg and arm would have grown back by then…” — everyone else,

“It is just nice to see him expressing himself through his own material…even if it is a bit Strokes-eske.” —s,

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