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Worship at the Church of Rock

There are plenty of music fans worshiping U2’s philanthropy-loving frontman, but now the God-fearing population can take that adulation to another level with U2Charist, a communion service featuring the band’s music. The service, taking place at Episcopal churches across the globe, is a traditional Episcopal liturgy that uses U2’s songs as hymns, according to USA Today. “Bach and Handel were the popular music of their day, and they had trouble getting played in church,” Rev. Paige Blair, an Episcopal priest who came up with the U2Charist concept in 2005, told the publication. “The Methodist hymn writers once wrote contemporary music. Are we worshiping Bono? Absolutely not.” The U2Charist has another purpose, too: To raise money for Bono’s campaign to rid the world of poverty and AIDS, and churchgoers are asked to donate money to the charity at the service. Blair also noted that she’s organized a “U2-charist team” for spreading the word to other churches.

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