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Unofficial Marilyn Manson Video Spawns Song Debate

In a new music video, the opening sequence of The Nightmare Before Christmas has been overdubbed by Marilyn Manson’s cover of “This Is Halloween,” which will be featured on the soundtrack accompanying the upcoming re-release of Tim Burton’s holiday cult classic. Manson’s version the song seems to have been applied to the flick’s opening scenes by an amateur filmmaker. A spokesperson for the film told that a video for Manson’s cover was not officially solicited.

Still, the new clip feels authentic, and this fact seems to offend the cult-fave’s droves of fanatics. These die-hards are weighing in on Manson’s gothy cover of Danny Elfman’s original song, suggesting it’s just not true enough to the original.

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Here’s what the people are saying on YouTube:

“This is quality, but it’s not better than the original Danny Elfman version, which succeeds in creating a sense of sinister but mischievous tone. This just sounds evil, which is not what the film is about.” — vai101

“Danny Elfman just threw up.” — thekafir

“It’s good and all [but] it ain’t as good as the original — it couldn’t be. You need different voices for all the little parts, no one man could sing this song.” — garageflowerr

“WTF is wrong with the people who made this? If this is what the movie is going to be like, I’m going to walk out and demand a refund. The original was a classic and altering it is tainting the greatness that the first one was. I think Danny was the only person who should have the right to alter the songs in this movie.” — pyro8162

“The original is very good, but actually I think this version is so much better.” — theusedmansonway

“Hooray! Manson did justice to a great song! Personally, I think it could have been done with a bit more thrashing and screaming.” — TriwizardToons

“Honestly, I think it sounds a bit like Manson was trying TOO hard to sound spooky. If he’d relaxed just a little and done what comes to him naturally, this song would be a lot better. That said, the cover’s alright. It doesn’t touch the original, but to be fair, nothing could.” — glitterbats

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