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‘Trouble’ for Voxtrot

Download the infectiously jaunty new track from this Austin quintet's upcoming EP, Your Biggest Fan.

Indie-pop blog darlings Voxtrot are prepping their next jaunty EP, Your Biggest Fan (out next month), the follow-up to their stellar self-released EPs, Raised By Wolves and Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, and Wives. With their upcoming album’s “Trouble,” the Austin band are still pros at grooving through jangle-kissed, twee-inflected territories. Vocalist Ramesh Srivastava’s Morrissey-tinged vox seem particularly inspired on the track, and his lines are as semi-tragic (“I never would have slashed my parents trust / If I thought for a moment you would leave me with my big dreams”) and deliberate (“recognize the things you do”) as ever.

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