Testimony from Vote Machine Whistleblower Surfaces

Updated 10.12.06, 8:45 P.M. In video testimony now showing on YouTube, a former software programmer says software he designed to prevent election fraud was actually going to be “used to control the vote in South Florida” by the Republican congressman who hired him to develop the program in the first place. What’s even more bizarre: The programmer is now trying to take that congressman’s seat on Capitol Hill in this November’s election.

While working for Yang Enterprises in Florida, Clint Curtis says Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) asked him to write a program that would covertly “flip the vote 51-49 to whoever you wanted…to win.” When he was hired, Curtis thought he was writing code to help prevent election fraud. Curtis gave the testimony in an Ohio hearing on voter fraud conducted by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). Feeney was Speaker of the House that year, as well as a lobbyist and lawyer for Yang Enterprises. Feeney has denied the allegations.

Now, in a story that seems perfect for some sort of feature film starring Kevin Costner, Curtis — a former Republican — is vying for Feeney’s congressional seat, but as a Democrat. As part of Curtis’ platform, the programmer-turned-politician says on his official website that he’s committed to requiring a paper ballot “as the official document of record so that voters know their vote counts, regardless of the type of voting system used.”

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“Those of either party who care about democracy should be very concerned out this, because without verifiable elections, there is no democracy. Period.” — BeachScenes

“This explains why Bush’s White House is SO OVER-CONFIDENT that they will maintain control of the Congress. They’ve completely dismissed any question about what they’re doing to prepare for the possibility of a Democratic Congress. From their flippant attitude, I can either assume that they aren’t watching anything other than FOX News, or they’ve got a watertight plan to take the election NO MATTER WHAT.” — hSuAbRuAbHa

“As a software developer, I will NEVER recommend electronic voting systems. That basically puts whatever is left of our democracy is the hands and control of a few — the software developers and those who control the developers — not to mention security flaws, exploits, and viruses. I know what is possible, and too much is possible. We must stick with ballots, which must be counted on site and reported to a public registry for everyone to see and tally.” — blaxpear

“Left and Right WAKE UP! Liberal and conservative labels are meant to polarize you! No voting machines are safe! Demand your congress member provide paper ballots at all polling places and vote absentee if needed!” — thecitizine

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