Stalkers Threaten Cornell’s Kids

Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell and his wife, Vicky, have recently installed an “impenetrable” high-tech security system in their Beverly Hills home in an effort to protect their family against stalkers threatening to kill their children, according to the New York Post. The couple has reportedly been receiving mail and email threats — which typically refer to murdering their children, complete with detailed descriptions as to how they plan on killing them — since Vicky was six months pregnant with her second child, Toni, 2, in 2004. The couple has since had another child, Chris, 10 months, and the threats have escalated as Cornell prepares to leave home on a promo tour behind “You Know My Name,” the theme song he co-wrote and perfomed for the upcoming James Bond flick, Casino Royale. The Beverly Hills police have been notified and will regularly drive by the house.

A spokesperson for Cornell had no comment on the threats or the heightened security.

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