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‘South Park’ Enters ‘WoW’

When the tenth season of Comedy Central’s hilarious cartoon series South Park premiered last week, it did so by lampooning World of Warcraft, an online multiplayer war-game, and its virtual community. In an episode titled “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” the fate of game is placed in the mittened-hands of the four main characters, who seek to defeat an insane gamer (“someone who has absolutely no life,” as a WoW-head explains in the episode) and save the game and its online culture. Gone are human interaction and personal hygiene for the boys, who become so obsessed they succumb to morbid obesity, acne, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Here’s what the people are saying:

“So funny! I’m glad there’s an episode that mocks the whole obsession with the game. Warcraft does look quite fun! But I would never sacrifice my social life for a video game.” — wildantheart, YouTube

“Making fun of WoW? WoW’s been out for 2 years. Thats a real long turnaround for South Park. Merely reading the headline I can already guess half the jokes: the four characters get WoW accounts and play all day while they don’t eat and sleep and the world dissolves around them. — tycho_atreides,

“Personally when I watched it I wasn’t all that impressed. But then when I was on TeamSpeak with my guildies we were all DIEING laughing over it. One of my fellow guildies now likes to imagine everything our RAID leader is saying in Cartman’s voice.” –-Masema,

“LOL WoW owns! It’s in South Park now ! Haha! That was so funny! And to the people that think they’re insulting WoW, you’re wrong. It’s good…Nice one South Park! Funniest episode ever. 10/10!” — davey,

“Best episode created for geeks — EVER!!!” — NeuroMan42,

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