Slayer: Cut Like a Knife

Slayer fans are nothing if not devoted. Depicted here (see below for larger version) is a shot by Jeremy and Claire Weiss, snapped at this summer’s Reading Festival in England. It runs across two whole pages in the Soundcheck section of Spin‘s November issue, which hits stands next week. Shocking, right? It’s actually something that die-hard Slayer fans have been known to do now and then.

Slayer guitarist Kerry King recently told Spin about an experience in which one of those loyal followers asked him to carve “Slayer” into his flesh. “I was in Spain signing autographs once, and some guy was waving something at me, and I thought it was a pen,” King recalled. “And I was like, ‘It’s okay, buddy, I’ve got my own pen.’ He didn’t speak English, so he just kept waving this thing in at me, and I was like, ‘I’ve got my own pen, man.’ Then I realized he was handing me a scalpel and wanted me to carve ‘Slayer’ into him. I said ‘I’ll sign anything you want, but I’m not going to cut you.'”

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