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Shop, Sip, and Shimmy!

The popular image of Texas includes dusty cowboys riding horses out on scorching high plains, and until recently, the South Congress strip in Austin did little to dilute that picture, with the biggest stores being Allan’s Boots and Just Guns. Three years ago, though, chic came to the SoCo strip in the form of Factory People, which opened up in Just Guns’ former digs. The boutique, which celebrated its third birthday last night, features a skylight rain pool in the center of the store and an ever-changing array of murals created by underground artists. It’s a dynamic space where music and fashion mingle effortlessly, whether it’s hosting SXSW gigs by Voxtrot and White Rose Movement or hawking hip fashion labels like Nice Collective. Last night’s celebration was just another moment where Factory People continued to impact the Austin scene. ERIC UHLIR

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