Raconteurs Kick Out the Jams

The Raconteurs were feeling good just like Las Vegas should as they stepped on stage a the big afternoon Vegoose performance.

“One of the greatest performances of any live band I have ever seen,” said 19-year-old Adam Weitz from Washington, D.C. “I now must own anything and everything that comes out with the word Raconteurs tied to it.”

The Saturday line up, hippie-filled with jam bands, was stunted when the Raconteurs — most important member: Jack White’s guitar, Claudette — took the Vegoose crew on a little voyage called originality. Here’s a walk-through of Vegoose’s current set-to-beat: The nine song romp started out with “Rabbit,” jumped into “Level,” squeezed in the hit single, “Steady as She Goes,” and then got a little lighter with “Together.”

The definite winner in a set devoid of losers was a spot-on rendition of “Blue Veins,” which cued a flurry of synchronized air guitar riffs. If anyone in the crowd told you they didn’t wish with all their heart that they were the glowing Jack White at that very moment, they were lying straight to your face. It was almost as if this band was destined to melt faces among the crazy-costumed freaks who rightfully welcomed the blues-rock band to the Nevada desert. KELLYN JOHNSON / PHOTOS BY NICHOLE WAGNER


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