New Panic! at the Disco Video Makes Splash gave Panic! at the Disco fans a sneak peek at the platinum-selling band’s video for “Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off” way back in June, and that video has finally hit the airwaves. When we first reported on the video, we asked readers to predict the video’s storyline based on a single still of Panic!’s Brendan Urie with a fish tank on his head (pictured here). Now that the clip has dropped, little has been resolved regarding its nature, and tons of fans are wondering what’s really going on in the video.

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Fans on YouTube offer their explanations of what’s happening in the video:

“I got it after the like 4th time of watching it. She cheated on him and then when he got shot she realized that she really loved him and couldn’t live without him so the paramedics had to get the two hearts beating faster. As for why they dumped them in the ocean, basically the same reason you flush your goldfish down the toilet.” — rbflowt2

“The water in the tanks seems to represent the peoples life force as when the heroine tips her head and loses her water she dies. And the fish could represent people around the people in their lives as the goldfish the woman picks up seems to represent the man she is cheating on her husband with. Like the song itself, the video seems to suggest adultery. In it, a woman picks up a stray fish, suggesting that she would accept any change from her present situation. Her husband then kills himself after learning of her affair. Realizing her mistake, the woman understands that there is no pleasure in being unfaithful. She knows that she would rather be with him than anyone else.” — zach111693

“OK. I do believe this is somewhat the point of the video: So, these people live in like an underwater world, almost, and this young woman is out doing whatever she is doing when she stumbles upon her dead husband lying across the pavement. Well, the woman sacrifices herself. And right before this her life flashes before her eyes and then they pick them both up, and drop them into the ocean to be together. Sort of like heaven, or an afterlife, right? I’m not completely sure.” — EsmeradeM

“The fish tanks represent love, girl cheats on guy, guy figures out, his heart breaks (fishtank), girls heart breaks (fishtank), and then they go to the ocean and are together. Simple. — mttb641

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