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Mixing Mentos and Diet Coke

Derrick and Will, the Los Angeles-based acting duo who thought television was too boring and decided to make their own clips, have filmed a short that’s become an insta-hit on YouTube. Operating under the premise that everyone already knows what happens when you mix Mentos with Diet Coke, the pair film their experiments of mixing other sweets with random beverages. They combine candy corn with root beer, which causes the bottle to explode, and they swirl Sweet Tarts with Sprite, making a fluffy chick appear magically within the empty liter bottle. Putting candy in a milk container transfers the pair to a random rooftop, an S&M party, and, finally, a deserted island. Can Derrick and Will get off the island before they run out of candy, or have they just poised themselves to join the cast of Lost? Tune in to find out.

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Here’s what the people are saying:

“Just watched this video. Great parody! I’m SICK of all the Diet Coke + Mentos videos, and this definitely got a laugh outta me.” — sneakypreacher

“I wanna go to that S&M party, what’s the recipe again? I had a blast with your video, thanks!” — pracs92

“Yeah that was pretty cool. I wish they would have teleported to the ghettos and feed inner city youth the rest of their treats. We as a society can’t just transport to desirable places such as gay bars, we need to help youth that cant help themselves.” — nk47

“I hope this never made it to T.V. ’cause you guys are actually kind of annoying. Your jokes are kind of lame.” — OkashiiAmerican

“How on earth did they teleport? I didn’t see any sign of teleportation but the moment that the guy on the right dropped that object into the packet, the camera was trained on their legs and when looked up, they were in a totally different area! Fantastically hilarious! They are really good MAD SCIENTISTS!” — kyo1994

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