Michael Jackson Meets Bollywood

Michael Jackson always had wide international appeal, so it’s no wonder a Bollywood version of his music video for 1982’s “Thriller” has surfaced. It appears to have been filmed around the time the ubiquitous single was released, and according to YouTube viewers, the MJ impersonator is regional cinema star Chiru, who sings his version of the track in the Indian dialect of Telugu.

In the pseudo-scary, over-dramatized clip, Chiru — decked out with spooky nuclear green werewolf contact lenses — pops some moves that rival those of Michael Jackson. Later, smoke machines billow as the heroine screams piercingly, hands gripping her cheeks. And though it can’t be easy to execute highly choreographed dance steps in his red leather garb, which is almost an exact replica of Jacko’s classic outfit, Chiru still swaggers like a pop star.

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