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MewithoutYou, ‘Brother, Sister’ (Tooth & Nail)

MewithoutYou isn’t a Christian group, at least not in the conventional (read: lame) sense of the term. The band plays snarling post-punk, sort of like early U2 but angrier, and you don’t have to share singer Aaron Weiss’ faith to empathize with his feeling of being trapped between what he is and what he hopes to be. He sees God in a spider, wonders whether being “technically a virgin” is a plus or a minus, hates on himself something crazy: “There I go again, so impressed by how well I put myself down,” he sings on “Wolf Am I! (and Shadow).” It veers toward navel-gazing, but Weiss, the son of a Jew and a Muslim, has clearly learned a thing or two about walking a line, and his rants never seem unhinged or exclusive.

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