Meet the Studs of MySpace

Taking a dorky, porn-watching recluse and turning him into an in-demand MySpace personality overnight is easy if you’re one of the self-professed Kings of MySpace, two former nerds who rap about their web fame in this hilarious video. The duo had zero friends on the social networking site (not even Tom would approve them) before adopting their MySpace alter egos.

After one of the rappers became “the emo guy” (“Grew my hair long / Put on Dashboard Confessional / Put on tight jeans that smash on my testicles”) and the other a “wannabe thug” outfitted in a backwards cap and stunna shades, the pair’s friend requests came pouring in. And in a bildungsroman of Internet tales, the two emcees give their best friend a makeover, transforming him into a sweater-vest-clad metrosexual so he can have similar success on the site.

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“Wow that was fantastically awesome, the effects were great, and so was the song, 5 stars to the max.” — sigafoo

“Unfortunately young people are thinking that way today. We see more and more wannabes and posers on MySpace.” — Lucrecia7

“Awesome video! Very cool effects! Everyone loves it and can relate to it no matter what race, age, sex, orientation…cuz all them muthafuccas have MySpace pages! GOOD JOB BIATCHES!” — BooYall

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