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Marion Raven’s Seductive Video

From Britney to Jessica to Lindsay, we’ve all watched as sweet-imaged starlets matured, adopting more risqué looks along the way. Marion Raven, formerly of cutesy Norwegian teen pop pair M2M, has traded in her innocent image (her band’s first U.S. single appeared on the Pokemon soundtrack, for cripes sake) for a decidedly hotter one, exhibited recently on Meat Loaf’s latest album, and now with her sexy solo act. “I’ll swallow you whole and spit out your soul,” Raven warns on her debut’s title-track, “Heads Will Roll,” which was co-penned by Motley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx. And to call the video for the song sultry would be an understatement. If Raven’s not strumming her guitar in Matrix-inspired attire, the seductive frontwoman is seen caressing her bosom half-naked on top of a bed of other half-naked ladies. Heads will roll, indeed. And eyes!

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Marion Raven – “Heads Will Roll”

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