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LCD Soundsystem Drop Nike/iTunes Mix

Like the Crystal Method before him, LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy is helping runners keep their energy up while working out with a new 45-minute piece he created for iPod users. The project, aptly titled 45:33: Nike+ Original Run will be available Tuesday (Oct. 17) via iTunes for $9.99 and is meant to be used with the Nike+ system that allows athletes to track their runs via their iPod Nano. “This appealed to me because it was so anathematic to what you’re typically asked to do as an artist: make easily digestible lumps of music for albums, or the radio, or whatever,” Murphy said in a statement. LCD’s track is the second original piece created for the project, following the release of the Crystal Method’s Drive: Nike+ Original Run.

Murphy, who says he also does fight training and jiujitsu, explained he built the tempo of 45:33: Nike+ Original Run on his own taste in music while running. “In testing, I found that ‘hard, fast, propulsive’ music was NOT the best running music for me,” he said. “Sometimes the best way to keep running is to find the parts of the run that are actually rests — that while you’re still running, you’re viewing some of the run as soothing and recuperative, rather than constantly feeling like you’re running for your life.”

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