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Kanye Sparkles, Strokes Remember ‘Last Nite’ for Hennessy

Stars like Jason Schwartzman, Carmen Electra, Kirsten Dunst, Sleepy Brown, Ewan McGregor, and Dawson’s Creek‘s own Pacey (Joshua Jackson) traipsed the red carpet and escaped the rain last night to see Kanye West, the Strokes, Goldfrapp, and Carl Cox play the ultra-elite Hennessy Artistry event at New York’s Capitale. After telling how excited she was that the event was going to be “kind of like a party,” Alison Goldfrapp brought her dazzling, theatric electronica to the stage. The Strokes delivered next, playing tight renditions of faves like “Reptilia,” “Is This It,” and “Last Nite.” Partygoers swilled Shanghais (Hennessy, bitters, ginger ale) while noted Hennessy lover Kanye West — “I drink a lot,” he told — electrified the room with a full string section on his single, “Diamonds are Forever.” STORY BY KATIE HEATH. PHOTOS BY JAY CHEN

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