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Jon Stewart on ‘Raging Kegger’ for Troops

Jon Stewart wondered what the job of President Bush really entails in a recent episode of his late-night talk show, The Daily Show, and it’s racking up the views on YouTube. During the bit, Stewart pieced together various snippets of Bush’s speeches in which the President described his job less-than-eloquently. While Bush never claims to be a party-planner by trade, the $20 million item inserted into this year’s Military Spending Bill for a celebration to commemorate success in Iraq draws cheeky comments from Stewart, who compares the fete to a “raging kegger” with a price tag rivaling “Upper East Side Bar Mitzvahs.” Among Stewart’s proposed party embellishments: A performance by Three 6 Mafia, six-foot subs (“and maybe a nuclear one”), and an “ice sculpture of Saddam pissing freedom.”

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The uproarious clip has caused some to call for Stewart’s bid for top office in the 2008 elections. Here’s what the political-wonks are saying:

“If Bush wasn’t really the President this would be really funny. But I couldn’t help but notice that deep down, Jon Stewart is feeling a lot of shame and sadness for the American people having to endure this president for another few long, long years.” — MichelDesroches

“Spending $20 million for a party while the U.S. is in the most debt it’s ever been in…is not a good idea. The rich guys can pay for their own party.” — SilkySmooth105

The Daily Show is funny, but you can’t take it seriously. These are just random clips taken out of context and I don’t think that’s really fair. So you can’t just be like, ‘oh, President Bush is a dumbass.’ I’m sure in the context of the speeches what he was saying made sense. They pick and choose events to make their point while leaving out things that nullify their point, although it is pretty fricking hilarious.” — hockeyiz1

“I admit that the clips of the President are taken out of context. But even *in* context, this President says inane things all the time. For a while we, the American people, attributed that to an uneasy speaking style, and that’s more or less accurate. But when inanity so thoroughly permeates his actions, a harsher conclusion is merited, one Jon is not too shy to reach.” — Urgelt

“It’s unbelievable that even the President of the United States can blatantly say these things and still have support. Where has the general IQ level gone? Unbelievable. One of the best Daily Show pieces ever. John Stewart should be president. — emirenfield

“Jon Stewart for President, Colbert for Vice.” — orcahol

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