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Ireland-based Flamenco Flair of Rodrigo y Gabriela

Former Mexico City-residents Rodrigo and Gabriela met as teens and bonded over heavy metal music before relocating to Dublin, where their melodic and Latin-fueled dual acoustic guitar songs fast became faves. And the pair’s covers are equally intriguing, as they infuse rock songs from the likes of Metallica and Led Zeppelin with flamenco flair. The pair have been garnering Stateside attention, especially now that they’ve recently beat both Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash to the No. 1 spot on the Irish Charts.

Now Watch This: Rodrigo Y Gabriela – “Tamacun”

Here’s what the people are saying on YouTube:

“That’s some serious guitar skills.” — MSEBONYSEDC

“Hmmm, why the hype? This is just textbook flamenco — nothing special. And which director and editor are responsible for this registration? If you show guitarists, it’s about their hands working together on the instruments. Man, this flashy crap gives me a heartache. Sorry kids, but this is means as little to me as the Arctic Monkeys.” — Kermitthefrag

“When I hear this I think of riding horseback with like a caravan of people chasing me, banditos [and I] fire off rounds with my dual 40’s.” — bemjamin

“Holy cow! These guys are amazing. Never heard of them until now, but I will definitely check them out. I love this sound. Very unique, catchy, and uplifting.” — tommyknoker

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