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Hot One Conduct a ‘Coup’

Judging by the song titles on their forthcoming self-titled debut, you’d think New York City-based glam-kissed upstarts Hot One would be interested in spawning new dance crazes. “Get Your Priest On!” and “Pistol-Whip Me” invoke images of salacious steps, but what would “Do the Coup D’etat” look like? “We want to make booties clap,” frontman Nathan Larson told And he’s got the experience, having penned sex-drenched riffage as the axeman for ’90s avant rockers Shudder to Think and eyeliner-laden hooks for the glam-tastic film, Velvet Goldmine, one of which was actually called “Hot One.”

But “Do the Coup D’etat” isn’t all leather and lace, according to Larson, who maintained that the song entertains a more complex discussion. “In a lighthearted way, [we also] want to raise the issue of our homeland’s self-serving policies in Central America,” he said. “Usually, any discussion of these matters puts people right to sleep. We try to keep you awake by keeping it loud and keeping it fun. Ole!”

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