Gray Kid Spoofs Justin Timberlake, Brings Paxil Back

He raps, he croons, he shimmies, and he’s in dire need of some uppers — he’s Weird Al’s answer to Justin Timberlake. The Gray Kid (aka Steve Cooper) has morphed pinup boy JT’s “SexyBack” into a suicidal OCD sufferer’s ode to anti-depressants entitled “PaxilBack.”

“I’m bringing Paxil back / The platinum bottle with the child-proof cap / Just read the dosage and quadruple that,” Kid sings soulfully before launching into a spoken-word chorus about serotonin. In the video for the cheeky track, there are some hilarious dance sequences JT would likely not attempt (pelvic thrusts and that move where you pretend to write a prescription might be too avant-garde for platinum-selling Timberlake), and some of its best moments come when the Gray Kid offers a visual gag of his lyrics.

But don’t expect this neophyte song parodist to succumb to novelty-act status — he’s self-released a full-length of original tunes (none of which reference happy pills) that’s out now on iTunes.

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