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Google’s Acquisition of YouTube

In a video posted to YouTube this week, two of the site’s founders, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, talk about the $1.65 billion deal they struck with Google to sell the video-sharing web community — which they appear to have celebrated at TGI Friday’s (see red and white awning in the background of the video). They promise to, as Hurley says, “stay committed to developing the best service for you…so you can keep having fun on our site.”

Perhaps fearing backlash from faithful YouTubers, who are already lamenting what they see as increased commercialization of the site, the two take a small jab at Diddy/Burger King’s new YouTube channel, DiddyTV, which is being lampooned on the video site. “Two kings have gotten together and we’re going to provide you better service,” Hurley says, poking fun at Diddy’s video. “We’re gonna have it our way.”

But what does their way mean exactly? Amateur directors are responding to Chen and Hurley’s sincere, off-the-cuff clip with their own video responses about YouTube’s future — some hilarious, some earnest, and some mean-spirited.

Now Watch This: A Message from Chad and Steve

Here’s how YouTubers are responding:

Young teen’s plea that YouTube remain the same:

One user on YouTube: “It’s all downhill.”

A YouTube clip with fake Google Ads:

“YouGoob Community Paranoia”

Google Acquires YouTube in $1.65 Billion Deal
Spoofs of DiddyTV Surface

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