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In an October 18th speech at Georgetown University, Former President Clinton called politics “a contact sport,” and urged Democrats not to be passive against partisan attacks, but to fight back in these key weeks before Election Day. Based on the Democratic National Committee’s new web ad, “Stay the Course?,” it seems they heard his rallying cry. The quick-cutting clip juxtaposes sound bites from Bush Administration speeches with text from news sources, pivoting on a recent headline from CBS/AP noting Bush’s late aversion to his once pet phrase. A press release on the DNC’s website says the ad’s Oct. 25 release was timed to anticipate the President’s news conference that morning. “The American people are ready for a new strategy in Iraq, not just a new set of talking points that continues to sell President Bush’s failed policies on Iraq,” DNC Press Secretary Stacie Paxton said in a statement. The ad has certainly sparked debate on the internet, but not everybody responding to it seems convinced that the Democrats are the right ones to offer that new strategy.

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Here’s what the people are saying:

“This ad should be very effective with the Independents and middle-of-the-roaders, who have been uncomfortable with this administration, but have not yet decided what to believe. As they say, seeing is believing, and it is easy to see the message in this particular ad.” — Bryan Nelson,

“I an indepedent moderate but the Republicans will certainly not be getting my votes for this election. They had their chance and they failed. End of story.” — aGua421,

“Maybe someone would vote for that new direction if the Democrats would tell us what it is…all I’ve ever heard is criticism of the current administration but no plan to make things better.” —dliechty189,

“This is what happens when you identify yourself with a simplistic slogan. It’s a double edged sword. […] Live by the slogan, die by the slogan.” —lw,

“I love all the college kid replies on YouTube. I would hope some more would sack up and join the military instead of gripe about how tough war is. WWII was tough too, but we didn’t give in and try to ‘understand’ Hitler.” —Eagleaton,

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